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Pregnancy, weight gain and aging can all impact your abdomen skin and tissue. If you have sagging skin on your stomach, you may not feel confident in your appearance. Abdominoplasty, or the “tummy tuck,” can remove the excess skin and tighten the abdomen. At London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring, we help patients achieve a flatter, tighter stomach with our mini and full tummy tuck procedures.

Stretched abdominal skin and muscles are a common problem for men and women. When you gain weight on the stomach, your skin and tissue can stretch. Aging also impacts the skin, reducing its ability to shrink and tighten after weight loss. The result is a flabby stomach that does not tighten even with calorie restriction and toning the abdomen muscles.

A tummy tuck uses an incision below the bikini line to access the lower abdomen skin and tissue. There are various techniques that can be included to tighten the tummy. Some patients only need excess skin removed, while others may also need liposuction to remove fat or tightening of the abdomen muscles.

Mini and Full Abdominoplasty

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio has performed body contouring procedures for his patients all over the world, including countless abdominoplasty procedures. Every tummy tuck is tailored to the specific needs of the patient. Both mini and full tummy tucks will remove excess skin and tighten the abdomen. The biggest difference is the size of the incision needed and the length of the procedure.

Mini tummy tuck procedures will have a short incision and procedure time. A full tummy tuck surgery may require an incision extending from hip to hip for more extensive skin and tissue removal. The recovery time can vary for the patient, depending on the type of procedure performed.

A tummy tuck can have a significant impact on your body shape and confidence. If you hide your belly due to loose skin or a flabby appearance, abdominoplasty may be a solution. To learn more about tummy tuck procedures available at London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring, contact our office. Our staff will book a virtual consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio to discuss whether you are a good candidate for abdominoplasty.

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