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Torn Earlobe Repair London, SW1X 9BW

Ear piercings have been used to adorn the earlobes with jewelry for centuries. Whether you have traditional ear piercings or expanded piercings for gauges or plugs, the earlobe can stretch and tear. It is not uncommon for an earlobe to be torn in half due to a piercing. As part of our face & neck procedures, London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring offers torn earlobe repair surgery at our facility if you have stretched or damaged piercings.

Injury and aging are the two main factors in stretched or torn pierced earlobes. Any pierced earlobe can be torn if the earring is caught or pulled through the earlobe. With age, the piercing can stretch, and it becomes easier for earlobes to be torn. Once the piercing is ripped through the earlobe, ear plastic surgery is required to create a whole and balanced earlobe again.

Earlobe Plastic Surgery

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a board certified and seasoned plastic surgeon with decades of experience. If you have a torn or stretched earlobe, he can perform a quick earlobe repair surgery at our facility in London. Earlobe repairs or reshaping surgery can be completed with only local anesthesia at our office.

To repair and reshape a damaged earlobe, the skin and tissue must be reattached and sutured together. Dr. Del Vecchio can ensure the earlobe is balanced in size and shape for a natural appearance. Some older patients may also want an earlobe reduction if their lobes have lengthened with aging. The procedure usually takes 1-2 hours, and patients need minimal recovery after the surgery.

Once the earlobe completely heals, you can pierce the lobe and begin wearing your favorite earrings and jewelry again. In most cases, patients should wait two months or longer to pierce their repaired earlobes. However, Dr. Del Vecchio and our team will give you post-surgery care instructions, including how soon you can pierce your reshaped or repaired earlobe.

If you have damaged earlobes from piercing, plastic surgery can restore and repair your ears. To learn more about torn earlobe repair surgery, contact London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring today. We can schedule a consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio to discuss your ear plastic surgery.

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