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Diastasis Recti Repair London, SW1X 9BW

The left and right sides of the abdominal muscles connect along the midline of your stomach. This vertical connection is the center of the “six-pack” on the abdomen. When pressure stretches the muscles outward, a separation can occur called diastasis recti. Pregnancy, weight gain and strain can all cause diastasis recti, which may require surgery to repair. At London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring, we offer diastasis recti repair surgery to restore a tight, flat abdomen.

Pregnancy is the most common cause of diastasis recti. An estimated 60% of women have some level of muscle separation from pregnancy. When there is a separation along the midline of the abdomen, the muscles can protrude when straining. A visible bulge on the stomach can occur, and it may be impossible to tighten the stomach. While a tummy tuck can remove excess skin and tighten the abdomen tissue, a diastasis recti repair is needed to fix stretched and separated abdominal muscles.

Diastasis Recti Repair Specialist

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is an internationally-acclaimed plastic surgeon who specializes in advanced body contouring techniques. His credentials include an impressive Ivy League education, with degrees from both Yale University and Harvard Medical School. For the last few decades, Dr. Del Vecchio has helped his patients from all over the world obtain the body shape they desire, including repairing diastasis recti to create a flat, beautiful abdomen.

Diastasis recti repair surgery can be performed as a single procedure or as part of a tummy tuck procedure. Individuals that have loose skin and fatty tissue along with separated abdominal muscles can benefit from both procedures. Once the muscles are reconnected and healed, the stomach can appear toned and flat for a more attractive midsection.

If you have a stomach bulge or other side effects from separated abdominal muscles, you may need diastasis recti repair. Contact our team at London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring to learn more about your abdomen reshaping options. Contact our office to schedule your virtual consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio to discuss whether diastasis recti repair is right for you.

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