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A smaller chin can impact the jawline, profile and overall facial shape. While you have little control over the chin genetics gave you, there are non-surgical options to enhance this important facial feature. If you want to explore chin augmentation, you can begin with temporary chin filler treatments. At London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring, we offer chin augmentation with filler injections for a non-invasive way to improve your chin shape.

The chin plays a key role in your facial appearance. When the chin is receded or weak, the nose and forehead may appear larger, and the facial balance is compromised. Adding volume and projection to the chin can improve facial harmony and improve the jawline. While chin implants offer a permanent solution for chin augmentation, filler injections are a non-invasive option for temporary chin shaping.

Chin Augmentation with Filler Injections

Facial filler injections add volume under the skin. For chin augmentation, dermal filler can be carefully placed to add a slight projection and width to the chin. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a talented and experienced plastic surgeon. His artistic aesthetic skills are used to precisely use chin filler to create the desired shape.

Chin filler injections offer an immediate change in the chin appearance. The procedure can be performed in about half an hour, and patients will leave with a new look for their chin and face. There are minimal side effects, mostly just swelling from the injections that dissipate quickly in 1-2 days. The results from the filler injections can last for several months or longer, depending on the filler used.

Chin filler augmentation is a great way to see the difference a more pronounced chin can make on your face. Many patients use a chin filler treatment to “try on” a chin augmentation procedure. If you want permanent results, we also offer chin augmentation with implants at our facility in London.

Enjoy the benefits of a more defined and pronounced chin with filler injections. Contact us at London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring to schedule a consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio to discuss chin fillers and augmentation procedures.

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