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Breast Fat Transfer London, SW1X 9BW

Natural, full breasts are mostly fatty tissue. While implants can achieve a larger size, they do not have the same feel or appearance as natural breast tissue. For those that want a more natural breast augmentation, fat transfer or grafting can be used to enhance the breast volume. London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring has one of the top fat transfer plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, who offers breast fat transfer augmentation.

Breast fat transfer or natural breast augmentation offers a double benefit. First, liposuction surgery is performed to collect the fat for the augmentation. This procedure can be performed on the abdomen, thighs, hips or anywhere that has excess fat deposits. The secondary benefit occurs with the fat grafting or transfer into the breasts. The natural fat provides fullness and firmness to enhance breast appearance.

Dr. Del Vecchio is highly respected for his innovative fat transfer technique. He uses cutting-edge, safe techniques for the liposuction and purification process. Dr. Del Vecchio is a pioneer in the expansion vibration lipofilling (EVL) technique of fat transfer that allows for larger amounts of fat to be delivered to the breasts during the augmentation procedure.

Is Natural Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Breast fat transfer augmentation is ideal for patients that want a natural feel and appearance or do not want implants. It is best used for patients who only need to upsize about one cup size – it is difficult to increase the breast size any more than that with fat transfer. Patients who want to slim another area of the body can also benefit from natural breast augmentation. However, if you want the natural appearance of fat transfer with a multiple cup size increase, Dr. Del Vecchio offers composite breast augmentation that combines implants and fat transfer.

For improved cleavage and fuller breasts, consider the benefits of natural breast augmentation. To learn more about breast fat transfer surgery, contact us at London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring. Our staff can schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio to discuss breast augmentation options.

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