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What are the Benefits of Composite Breast Augmentation? London, SW1X 9BW
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Celebrating innovation in cosmetic breast surgery, London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring proudly present the groundbreaking technique of composite breast augmentation.

While breast implants and fat transfer procedures have their respective advantages, the amalgamation of these two approaches, pioneered by the internationally acclaimed Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, offers a revolutionary solution that combines the best of both worlds.

Understanding Composite Breast Augmentation Surgery

Composite breast augmentation surgery is an avant-garde procedure that marries the benefits of traditional breast implants with the natural look and feel achieved through fat transfer. When utilizing implants alone, achieving a natural appearance can be challenging due to their distinct texture.

On the other hand, relying solely on fat transfer may not provide the desired volume increase. The ingenuity of composite breast augmentation lies in its ability to harmonize these methods seamlessly.

In this procedure, an implant is strategically chosen to attain the desired breast size and shape. Subsequently, the implant is enveloped by a carefully executed fat grafting process. This innovative combination allows patients to enjoy the more considerable size options characteristic of implants while benefiting from the organic appearance achieved through fat transfer augmentation. By selecting their preferred implant type, size, and shape, patients can actively participate in creating their ideal breasts.

The Dual Expertise of Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, an esteemed breast plastic surgeon renowned globally for his contributions to the field, is at the forefront of this groundbreaking technique. His pioneering work in composite breast augmentation was documented in 2013 in the Journal of Plastic Surgery.

The technique, which involves covering breast implants with a carefully performed fat transfer, has since set the standard for achieving remarkably natural results in cosmetic breast surgery.

Beyond his expertise in composite breast augmentation, Dr. Del Vecchio is a trailblazer in the realm of safe and effective fat transfer techniques. He has consistently delivered beautiful and transformative results for his patients through his dedication to advancing cosmetic procedures.

The Ultimate Fusion of Body Contouring and Breast Enhancement

Composite breast augmentation represents a synergistic approach to body contouring and breast enhancement. The procedure provides the option for a personalized breast size and shape and offers the added benefit of liposuction to harvest fat for the grafting procedure. This dual-action process allows patients to achieve their desired breast aesthetics while simultaneously sculpting another area of their body.

Do you desire the size offered by implants combined with the voluptuous and authentic results of breast fat transfers? Composite breast augmentation might be the ideal solution for you. Take the next step in your cosmetic journey by contacting London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring.

Our team is ready to schedule your virtual consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio, where you can explore and discuss the advanced options available to you in cosmetic breast surgery. Call our office today and embark on the path to realizing your aesthetic aspirations.

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