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Some Key Benefits of Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery London, SW1X 9BW
Cosmetic Fillers

You may have heard the term minimally-invasive in relation to plastic surgery. To help patients understand the difference between procedures, non-surgical and minimally invasive labels describe what is involved in each.

However, choosing the right procedure for your needs helps drill down to the finer details. Although there are many treatments that are considered minimally invasive, each is associated with different benefits and drawbacks.

Complexity of Surgery

Some treatments such as Botox, chemical peels, and fillers are non-surgical. At the other end of the spectrum, you will find complex procedures, including body lifts and facial reconstruction. In many cases, the complexity or grouping of surgical procedures precludes a treatment from the minimally invasive label.

Plastic Surgery Incisions

Procedures that use smaller incisions and the aid of guided tools can qualify as minimally invasive. These treatments are usually precision targeted and do not involve the removal of large amounts of fat, tissues, or skin. BodyTite liposuction is a good example of this kind of procedure.

Pain & Recovery

Complex plastic surgeries are more likely to result in pain and discomfort. You will also need time to recover, which will result in downtime from daily activities and work. Fortunately, many minimally invasive treatments may help you achieve your aesthetic goals without the need for extensive healing time.


Treatments that use smaller incisions or none at all are typically considered non-surgical or minimally invasive. One of the major selling points of this type of treatment is that scarring is reduced or eliminated. This is especially appealing to patients who do not want to leave a trace of having work done.

Cosmetic Injectables

Botox and fillers are delivered to the treatment area via injection and are considered non-surgical. Some plastic surgeons list these procedures as minimally invasive. If you do not like needles, the latter is likely a more accurate term.

To learn more about minimally-invasive plastic surgery in London, reach out to Uptown Body Contouring today. Dr. Del Vecchio is also a world-renowned advocate of the Safe Brazilian Butt Lift, with offices in NYC, Boston and Chicago.

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