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Our Best Facial Rejuvenation Procedures London, SW1X 9BW
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Regardless of your skin routine, diet or lifestyle, aging of the face is unstoppable. While you can slow the process, eventually the skin will lose elasticity and tissue will begin to sag. Lines, wrinkles and loose skin are the rewards of a long life, but if you want to retain a more youthful appearance, come see us at London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring. We offer advanced techniques to create a more youthful face – here are four of our best facial rejuvenation procedures.

Eyelid Lift Surgery for Refreshed Eyes

The skin on the upper and lower eyelids is thin and delicate. Crow’s feet, eye bags and droopy upper eyelids are common with aging. If your eyes are making you look old and tired when you feel younger and energetic, eyelid lift surgery can give you a refreshed appearance. Patients can undergo an upper, lower or dual eyelid lift surgery for incredible results.

Fat Grafting for Facial Contouring

Fat loss in the face can result in lines, wrinkles and a gaunt, older appearance. Lost volume in the upper cheeks is common, contributing to eye bags and a sunken look in the cheeks. Fat grafting or injections can restore facial contours to create a lifted and firmer appearance. Fat injections can be used for cheek enhancement, sunken temples and other facial features.

Facelifts – The Gold Standard

When it comes to removing excess skin and firming the facial features, the facelift is still the gold standard in anti-aging procedures. Incisions are discreetly hidden in the hairline around the ears to lift skin and facial tissues to a more youthful position. Facelift surgery is wonderful for creating a firmer, more youthful lower face, jawline, chin and upper neck, often making patients look several or more years younger.

Chin and Neck Liposuction

If you have excess fat under your chin or around your neck, it can affect your profile, jawline and overall appearance. Chin or neck liposuction are excellent procedures to restore a defined chin and neck for a more youthful and attractive appearance.

If you want to explore plastic surgery options to achieve a rejuvenated facial appearance, contact our office in London. We can schedule a facial rejuvenation consultation with Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, our world-renowned plastic surgeon.

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