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Botox has become a household name worldwide, synonymous with smoother, more youthful skin. What you may not know is the many ways Botox can improve your facial appearance beyond smoothing frown or worry lines on your forehead. If you have not tried Botox Cosmetic treatment yet, it may be time to give it a chance to work its magic on your appearance. Here are some ways Botox can give you a new look in a short visit to London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring.

Say Goodbye to Bunny Lines

Do you have nasal wall wrinkles that make you look like you have a rabbit’s nose? Bunny lines are a common problem, causing dynamic wrinkles that become etched on the sides of your nose. Like frown lines, these creases in the skin are caused by muscle movement. Botox injections can freeze the muscles that cause bunny lines, resulting in a smoother, more youthful nose appearance.

Slim Your Face

A wide jaw can create a round or square face. Botox may be the answer if you prefer a slimmer or heart-shaped face. Masseter muscles are the large muscles that operate the jaw. If these muscles become thick, they can expand the appearance of the jaw and lower face. Botox injections can relax the jaw muscles and allow them to shrink in size. Botox treatment only takes about 15 minutes, and no downtime is needed. After a few weeks, you may notice your jaw and face becoming slimmer and more feminine.

Give Your Smile a Boost

Do you have a gummy smile? Botox can be the solution for reducing how much gum appears above your upper teeth when you smile. Relaxing the upper lip can reduce a gummy smile without changing your teeth or gums. Botox injections can also be used to increase the fullness of your upper lip by relaxing muscles that pull it inward. A Botox “lip flip” can make the top lip look fuller by showing more of the pink or darker skin.

Non-surgical Neck Lift

Are you noticing pronounced muscles on your neck? The vertical platysma muscles in the neck can stick out as you age, creating an aged appearance. Botox treatment can relax these muscles and help smooth the neck without the need for surgery. The results can last for months, giving you a rejuvenated neck that looks years younger.

Smooth Chin Dimples

Chin dimples are not always cute. If your chin looks like an orange peel, you may be a good candidate for Botox injections. In a few days after your injections, the muscles in the chin can relax, creating a smoother appearance for your lower face.

Botox treatment is a non-invasive option that can help you enhance your best features. To learn more about Botox injections, come see our team at London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring. Call our office in London to schedule a Botox consultation or treatment.

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