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Know the Risks with a Brazilian Butt lift London, SW1X 9BW
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You may have heard that the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is extremely risky. This is only true if you go to an unqualified and inexperienced surgeon. A BBL procedure can be carried out safely when certain conditions are observed.

At Safe BBL-London, we understand how transfer procedures should be performed. The risks associated with a Brazilian Butt Lift relate to improper procedures. When this treatment is performed correctly, you will experience safe and satisfactory results.

BBL Safety Considerations

There are some safety considerations when it comes to a BBL and avoiding dangerous complications. Luckily, an experienced surgeon uses the right tools and techniques to guarantee that the procedure is risk free.

The first risk involves placing fat in the gluteus muscle. This practice can result in a pulmonary fat embolism, which can lead to fatalities due to complications. At Safe BBL-London, we place fat in the subcutaneous region, which ensures our patients only see the benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift.

You shouldn’t have to risk a pulmonary fat embolism in order to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing butt. This complication is 100% avoidable when the right techniques are used. Ultrasound guided fat transfer, performed by a specialist surgeon, ensures that the BBL procedure is safe and successful.

BBL Consultation

If you have concerns about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in London, reach out to our offices for a consultation. We can explain all the steps involved and provide reassurances. The risks involved with this treatment are associated with bad practices. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a specialist plastic surgeon who uses safe and effective techniques.

You will find our facilities welcoming, comfortable and a place to gain valuable education about all our cosmetic procedures. Whether you want a better-looking butt or other body transformations, we always put safety first. As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is committed to offering his patients solutions that result in shorter recovery times and superior outcomes.

Call the offices of Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio today to book your first appointment. We will take you on a safe personal journey toward optimum body aesthetics.

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