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Achieving a body that gives you confidence is the ultimate goal for numerous people. Many Londoners feel that their silhouette does not lend itself well to fashionable clothing. Some find themselves retreating from romantic or social encounters due to insecurity about their looks. At Uptown Body Contorting, we recommend exploring changes to your lifestyle and diet before considering cosmetic surgery. Speak to your doctor about exercise regimes and nutrition plans that will help you feel and look confident.

Diet and Exercise Can Only Do So Much

Exercising more and eating healthy is undoubtedly beneficial to your overall health and well-being. However, many of our patients find that weight loss leaves an impact on the body. Stretch marks and excess skin are among the complications that prevent you from fully enjoying the results of your hard work.

Genetics play an undeniable role in how your body looks. You can achieve a slim figure through consistent exercise, but this may cost you a substantial bust or full backside. Certain body shapes naturally carry weight in different areas based on your familial history. Struggling to remove excess fat from problem areas such as the hips or around the stomach might not be due to a lack of effort on your part.

Having a baby has long-term effects on the body for many women. Pregnancy and breastfeeding may cause the bust to lose volume, droop or sag. Distension of the abdomen can permanently damage muscle structure and the ability to tone that area. Caesarean sections can result in unsightly scarring or excess folds of skin that you cannot shed through weight loss.

Uptown Body Contouring Has a Solution for You

At Uptown Body Contouring, we believe that everyone should feel comfortable with their bodies. You deserve an appearance that makes you feel confident and allows your personality to shine. We offer a range of breast augmentation procedures to suit your needs. Dr. Del Vecchio and his team offer lifts, asymmetry correction and more to create the desired look.

Body sculpting allows the removal of fat from problem areas to increase the plumpness of the rear. If you are petite or have a low body fat, Dr. Del Vecchio will explore alternative options to give you a sexy, rounded butt.

Contact Dr. Del Vecchio today and complete your journey with body sculpting in London.


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