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A common trouble spot for sagging skin and fat is the upper arms. Aging, weight loss and genetics can all play a role in sagging upper arms. If you hide your arms under sleeves due to “bat wings” hanging from your biceps, brachioplasty may be right for you. At London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring, we offer brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, to restore slimmer, tighter upper arms.

All skin can lose elasticity with age, including the skin on the arms. In addition, those who have gained and lost a significant amount of weight may have stretched skin on their arms. While you can tone your biceps and triceps, you may still have excess skin and fatty tissue covering your upper arms.

Liposuction can remove fat from the arms, but it does not tighten the skin. Brachioplasty is a body contouring procedure that removes the excess skin and fat, then reshapes and tightens the upper arms. If you have swinging or hanging skin under your arms, an arm lift surgery can create the look you desire.

Reshape Your Upper Arms

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a board certified and world-renowned plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring procedures. His expertise in using advanced liposuction and reshaping techniques can tighten the arms with brachioplasty. Arm lift surgery uses incisions placed discreetly under the arm to remove excess skin and tissue. Dr. Del Vecchio uses his decades of experience to reshape the arms to create a tighter and more youthful appearance.

After arm lift surgery, patients will need to wear a compression garment on their arms to promote healing. Elevating and resting the arms is crucial. Most patients will need to recover for about two weeks and continue wearing compression garments for up to six weeks. The results will become more noticeable over the weeks and months after the procedure.

If you want toned, youthful upper arms, brachioplasty may be the solution for your bat wings. To learn more about arm lift surgery and whether it is right for you, come see us at London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring. Contact our office to book your virtual consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio.

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