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Abdominal Etching London, SW1X 9BW

The abdominal muscles have a unique design, and when lean and toned, some people have the outline of the “six-pack” on the abdomen. While everyone has these muscles, not everyone can easily achieve washboard, defined abs. Genetics and other factors can make it difficult to create the desired abdominal definition. At London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring, we offer high-definition abdominal etching to reveal toned, defined muscles.

The fat layer on the abdomen can be stubborn to reduce. Even those who have a low bodyfat percentage and excellent muscle tone can find it impossible to create six-pack abs. Like many body contouring procedures, abdominal etching helps individuals achieve the results they want with plastic surgery.

What Is HD AB Etching?

Abdominal etching is a technique that uses precision liposuction to define the separate abdominal muscles. The indented appearance that outlines the main abdominal muscles can be achieved with liposuction. This method requires intricate attention to detail to remove fat along the edges of the main abdominal muscles to reveal washboard abs.

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is an internationally-recognized plastic surgeon who has pioneered some of the cutting-edge liposuction techniques. His advanced methods of removing fat utilize safe and effective options to create beautifully defined abdominal muscles. He carefully creates horizontal and vertical lines that outline the midline linea alba and the separate abdominal muscles for the desired “six-pack” appearance.

Are You a Candidate for Abdominal Etching?

Ab etching with HD liposuction is designed for those who already are in great shape but are unable to achieve defined ab muscles. Ideal patients should work out regularly and have strong abdominal muscles, but they have a small amount of fat in the midsection.

Defining the abdominal muscles with etching can be performed with liposuction surgery at our London facility. Most procedures take about 1-2 hours, and patients can expect to have about one week of recovery. The results will become more evident over the weeks and months after the surgery as the swelling dissipates.

If you want six-pack abs but you cannot achieve them naturally, come see us at London BBL Surgery and Body Contouring. We offer HD abdominal etching performed by our seasoned plastic surgeon and liposuction specialist, Dr. Del Vecchio. Contact our office today to book your consultation appointment.

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